15 Oct 2009 - Birthday Invitation Ideas for 18th Birthday Party

Making a 18th birthday party invitations can be a task and a half. For starters, teenagers are so hard to please and what it makes worst, this is an important event, particularly for girls. Lets be honest, parents are not your first choice to plan a 18th birthday party because they are just a bit outdated. We at BirthdayPartyDirectory.co.za will help to make the job a bit easier. Follow these steps.

1. At this age we should see them as young adults and not kids anymore so the birthday invitations should be a bit more formal than your usual teenage birthday invites.

2. It is save to use pink for a colour scheme for girls birthday, but just make double sure to be save.

3. Don’t let there be any funny surprises for the guest so if there is dancing involved, let them know in the invitation..

4. Mention the dress code in the invitations to prevent some people of over dressing or under dressing.

5. Make a guest list and don’t forget to add your child’s special friend in the guest list.

6. Save a lot of money and time by emailing the party invitations to the guest, most kids have access to pc’s.

7. I am sure it is save to invite some close parents of the kids that are invited. The parents can be a backup if disaster strikes.

8. Get the party boy/girl involved in the organizing the party and helping with the birthday invitations.

9. If no alcohol is going to be served, mention it in the invitation.

10. Don’t leave the invitations for last, make sure you send them in advance.

11. If the birthday boy/girl decides to hand out the party invitations, let them.

12. Let the guest confirm if they are coming because this will give you a good idea of how many people will be attending the party.

13. Add personal messages to the invitations, this will make it more personal.

14. Don’t be afraid to get advice from parents how was done this before.

15. If you don’t have the time to arrange all of this, get professional people to do it for you.

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